Pushed and About to Fall

Pushed and About to Fall

“I was pushed back and about to fall, but the Lord helped me.” Psalm 118:13

As we walk through life, there are times when we slip and fall. Some falls are terrible, we get bruised all over or fracture some bone. Other falls make a sport of us before others, they laugh at us injuring our sensitive spirit. We find getting up and walking after a fall very painful. There is a limp that doesn’t let us forget about the mishap for some time.

Imagine there is a hand just behind you guiding you that is held ever so carefully so that you will never fall. As you begin to trip you can feel that strong and dependable arm come around you and hold you up. A hand that comforts and soothes your fears of falling. Such is our Lord.

When we depend on Him, He takes care of every minute detail of our lives. Perhaps you missed your usual bus but a friend’s car came by and helped you make it just on time for your appointment. Was it a co-incidence? No, it was His hand that led things to fall in place.

There are times when we stray into the wrong territory, befriending a married person. At such times too, His hand restrains us from falling into the emotional trap laid out for us. Though we go through struggles and denial, in the end we come out unscathed and intact, relieved that we were saved from a terrible sin.

When surrounded by trials and temptation you can rely on God, the best help in the universe, to help you stand and keep you from falling.


“Dear Jesus, thank You for holding me up so that I don’t fall. Your leading is precious to me, keep me from falling into the traps of sin, Amen.”


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