No condemnation

No condemnation

“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” ~ Romans 8:1

His was an experience of a life time. He walked and moved so close with the greatest person on planet earth. Peter witnessed miracles, wonders, healings and more so transformation that Jesus brought within him. But now things seemed so dull and depressing. The person he looked up to and followed was not around any more. Jesus was dead. He lost the sense of purpose and the vision for his life. Probably he was heavy laden with guilt for denying Jesus. Forgetting all about the potential he had within him, he resorted back to his old profession of fishing, assuming this was all to life.

But that night while at sea, Jesus meets Peter and encourages him telling him of what great things he would do in future. Jesus does not condemn him for getting back to fishing or for losing out on the vision of the purpose of his life.

Sometimes because of certain things that happen in our lives, we get discouraged, disillusioned and disappointed. We quickly resort to going back to our old lifestyle, the old habits catch on and the old mentality sets in. We give up half way, feeling dismal and easily resort to negative thinking.

The Bible reassures us that just as Jesus was there with Peter to help and encourage him,  get him back to the calling, to catch the vision, to hold on to the purpose that God had ordained in his life, Jesus is with us too. Jesus understands how we feel at such moments; he doesn’t condemn us but gently reinstates us, confirming that we can move beyond the things that pull us and weigh us down. He encourages us to look ahead and pursue the purpose God has set for us. Let’s not give up, but look ahead. God is with us.


“Dear Jesus, I find comfort and strength in You. I thank you for being there for me to reassure me and reinstate me. Your love is so beautiful. Amen.”

God reinstates me in Christ Jesus


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