Walking on Water

“‘Come,’ he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.” Matthew 14:29

Jesus walked on water. When we read that Jesus walked on water, we are able to accept it easily since we know that Jesus is God and being God, He can do anything in any way He wants. Nothing is impossible to Him. But here we see that Peter walked on water. Peter is just a mere mortal just like us… and he walked… yes, he walked on water.

We know that the universe is governed by laws that ensure that everything happens according to time and tide. God planned this wonderful mechanism that ensures that the sun shines, the seasons come and go and that day and night follow their pattern without alteration. All animals, birds and organisms live, multiply and die according to His plan.

When Jesus said to Peter, ‘Come’, He was calling him to do something that would go against the very law which keeps the universe going. According to those laws Peter should have sunk and drowned in the stormy sea. Jesus was in command, when He called out to Peter the seas didn’t drown him. Peter responded to His call and walked. He really walked on water. He did so as long as he didn’t doubt or take his eyes off Jesus.

If you think that the Christian walk with God would be routine and mundane, think again. If Jesus asked Peter to do something that defied the universal laws, He can ask you too. Is there a situation that is utterly impossible and yet God wants you to do it? Perhaps He is testing your faith. If you are willing to keep your eyes on Jesus and walk on a road that does not exist… He will do His part and hold your feet so you don’t fall. He is the ‘All-things-are-possible-God’!


“Dear Jesus, I’m sorry for the times I doubted You. Help me to keep my eyes on You and follow You no matter what happens around me. Amen.”


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