Troubles come in many different forms. They come in an obvious way most of the time, causing us pain and driving us to live in fear. They also come as small things that we ignore in the beginning but wish we hadn’t when we see the consequences. And then there are the tricky ones, the ones that come disguised as happiness, causing us to sin against God and break the values He has given us.

We find ourselves in trouble mainly because of two reasons, one because we have brought it on ourselves as a result of our carelessness or sin.  The other could be that God has allowed something unsettling to happen to test us or guide us in the way we should go.

No matter what comes or why it comes, the biggest trouble with troubles is that we let go of something important in the process of dealing with it. Take for instance a couple with young children. If their marriage is on the rocks, the parents start focusing more on the fights, the blames, the cold wars etc., and in that process forget to take care of what is important for their children. They forget that their children are witnessing what marriage is like and later in life they will begin to imitate them. Though it is difficult to expect people to act normal when things are not, there are some damages especially on growing children that are almost irreversible, parents should be mindful of that when they are dealing with their own marital problems.

The Israelites did the same mistake. They had witnessed God deliver the whole nation from Pharaoh, from a life of slavery in the most spectacular way ever. Yet they started grumbling and blaming when they faced water and food problem in the desert, on their way to the Promised Land. They thought it was alright to grumble and showed their distrust in God, despite all that He had done for them. They lost the chance to see the Promised Land.

But another person in the bible gives us an example to follow- King David. When things that were not in his control threatened to overwhelm him, he simply encouraged himself saying “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” (Psalms 46:1). Right from the time when he was a shepherd boy to the time he was a king, David always looked at God not at his troubles, he looked to God for strength when the lion and bear had stopped him while herding the sheep, he looked to God for refuge when King Saul was looking to kill him. He looked at God when Goliath stood before him mocking him. At every point he turned to God for help, for strength and for assurance of His presence. Even when he faced trouble because of his own actions with Bathsheba, he looked to God for forgiveness, strength and deliverance. He set the relationship standards with God for believers after him to follow.

Next time you find yourself in the midst of troubles, first resolve to show your trust, your faith, and your love for God completely. Don’t let anything give you a reason to crib about God- there is no reason good enough, no reason that will justify that act. It is at this time you can offer a “Sacrifice of praise,” sacrificing your pain for the joy of the Lord. Next look at the solutions God is giving you for that problem. Remember the past experiences in which you witnessed His deliverance, if you do not remember any, remember what Jesus has done for you on the cross. Next depend on God for the strength you need, run to him when you feel helpless, lost and alone. Finally, but most importantly remember that God is an ever present help- you are never alone. So go on trouble your troubles now, show them that you have God on your side.


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