The Bower

“….he’ll calm you with his love…..” ~ Zephaniah 3:17

There wasn’t anything grand or exquisite about it. It was just a simple bower, a shady leafy shelter in a garden. The bower had grown around the grill with its tendrils sprawling out as if reaching for the sun. It arched its way from one end to the other, welcoming everyone to enter in and enjoy the lush greenery around. It stood there rooted onto the lawn bed, providing a little shade from the harsh sunlight, a little respite from life’s hustle and bustle.

This reminded me of God’s love….that God’s love is end to end, complete, sufficient and fulfilling. When I’m down, feeling stressed, low and sad, broken and hurt or when I’m tired of fighting life’s battles and challenges, when I just want to be alone by myself away from all hustle and bustle of life, God beckons me to come under the shade, the loving embrace of His love. As the bower arches its way around, God’s love envelopes me, surrounding me end to end, and when I spend quite moments with God, them am I nestled and rested.

Dear friend, are you feeling tired and low, down and out….wondering if things would change for the better…will things turn out well…are you feeling so tired of just living….may I encourage you, reachout to receive God’s love. God’s love is there to surround you, and you can hear God say, ‘My child, it’s alright. I know how you feel. Don’t worry, just rest in my love. I am there for you.’


“Dear Jesus, Lord, thank you so much for your love for me, thank you for being there for me. I revel in your love. Amen.”

To be in Your presence, to sit at Your feet

Where Your love surrounds me and makes me complete

This is my desire Oh Lord! This is my desire.

To be in Your presence, not rushing away

To cherish each moment, here I would stay

This is my desire, Oh Lord! This is my desire


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