Delight in the Lord

“… His delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night.” Psalm 1:2

When we were growing up we got so angry and fed up with the rules we had to follow. ‘Don’t do this… Don’t do that…’ The list would seem unending. I remember the discipline-in-charge of the school saying, ‘One day you will thank me for this’ as he punished some of the boys for mischief. We didn’t agree with him then.

We didn’t realize the importance of following the rules then. After being taught to follow the rules it became a way of life for us. As we passed out we found that almost all our schoolmates did well in whichever institution they went to. They carried a good name and reputation wherever they went. What helped them? The disciplining and training we got as we were growing up.

In the same way a remarkable difference can be found in the life of one who meditates on and obeys God’s Word and the other who lives a lawless life. The first one will have peace and promotion that comes from God. Others will envy him while the second will constantly be searching for ways to get himself ahead but get ultimately caught in a losing race.

The wisdom of God is far superior to the mindless materialistic selfishness of the world. God’s wisdom will help you live a good life and keep you from destroying yourself, your health and your future not only in this world but also the next.


“Dear Jesus, I want to live in accordance to Your Word, guide me and lead me through Your wisdom always, Amen.”


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