All things are possible

All things are possible

“If You can?’ All things are possible to him who believes.” – Mark 9: 23

Have you encountered situations when problems arose and someone was quick to say… ‘Oh that! It’s impossible!’ At every juncture in life we hear this chorus ‘That can’t be done!’ ‘Don’t even try it’ ‘You must be crazy to think of it’ and a host of other enthusiasm deflators. If you listen to these voices chances are you will be feeling depressed and hopeless about yourself and your situation.

Jesus challenges you today to look at your situation with a fresh outlook. He says that ‘You can!’ and for this the only pre-requisite is ‘if you believe’. He says ‘all things are possible’, He didn’t say 10% of the things or 50% of things… No… He said, ‘ALL things’ that leaves no room for the ‘this can’t be done category’. So are you ready for the challenge? Can you dare to look at your situation and say, ‘I believe it is possible because Jesus said so!’ Now tackle the whole thing with faith and prayer. Jesus will lead you each step of the way. It may be unchartered and unknown territory that you are treading but nothing is unknown to the Lord. Trust Him and He will bring you through even better than you could imagine in your wildest dreams.


Dear Lord Jesus, you know everything about my situation. I commit myself and my entire situation into your precious hands. Lord you said, that’ all things are possible to him who believes.’ Today I am taking a step of faith and believing that with your help my entire problem will be solved and set right. I believe that even if it takes a miracle you will do it so that your name will be glorified. I thank you in advance for your assurance and your help. Amen


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