His Sheep Know His Voice

His Sheep Know His Voice

Hearing God’s voice is still something many believers are not sure about. When someone talks about God speaking to them, they wonder if the other person is telling the truth or why they themselves never go through these experiences. How is God’s voice? Is it possible for everyone to hear it?

The fact that God talks to us is very clearly evident in the bible. Right from God’s enemies, (for example Paul when he was persecuting the church before his conversion) to His prophets (Samuel, Isaiah etc), many have heard His voice and had a conversation with Him.

Encounters with God’s voice, can be categorized into 2 categories, a warning voice or a non-warning voice. When someone is so far away from God that they cannot hear their own conscience, God’s voice comes through His prophets, His people or plain simply God Himself talking to tell that person that what is being done is wrong.

The other kind non-warning voice is something that will become more and clearer when you spend enough time with God. Like the bible says “When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice.” ( Jh 10:4). This voice could lead you, direct you, teach you, comfort you and encourage you. The voice does not have to be audible; God knows how to speak to our hearts without an audible sound. But the condition is that we spend quality time with God. Follow Him, read His word and learn to obey the tiny prompting we hear from time to time.

If you believe you belong to God, then you will know His voice and follow it against all odds. Take time to listen to Him today.


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