God Will Shine On You

God Will Shine On You

Isaiah 60:1

Suma was fiddling her fingers nervously. No matter how much preparation had gone into making her emotionally ready for her surgery, she was very nervous. As she waited for the wheelchair to come and take her into the operation theatre she had gone into an emotional turmoil that was on the verge of making her paranoid. Just then, her aunt, who was in a different city, arrived. On seeing her Suma felt peaceful and all her fears subsided. Her aunt herself had been through this operation before and many more surgeries too but now she was hale and hearty and a great source of strength.

Sometimes when we are in the dark about the future and going through a troubled phase, we forget all the positive things that we learnt, the logic that would calm our fears and irrational fear takes grip. It is at these times that a presence of a loved one who had or is enduring a similar problem strengthens us like no expert or specialist can.

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.” Isaiah 60:1 is one such verse that speaks strength and courage to us. It reminds us that God’s light (Jesus) is upon us and with Him we can rise up and face anything life has to bring. He who didn’t stop at giving up His own life to bring us salvation is with us.  It is through Him that God’s glory will be reflected on us.

If today you feel cornered by things, problems or just plain normal life that has become a hindrance for all that you dreamed about, remember that God shines upon you. Look to The Light Of the world (Jesus) and follow His leading. He will give you the strength and the support to face all that you have in front of you today.


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