Detours that help

Detours that help

“Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and go on your way.” ~ Proverbs 4:15

Has it ever happened to you that when you get to a certain place you are reminded of a certain incident of the past? As you take that turn on the road and approach that place….it sets you thinking…a whirlwind of thoughts flow as that incident from the past is almost relived in the stage of your mind. Those words… that tone of voice… that heartache you were trying to deal with… that sorrow you wanted to shrug off…that pain you wanted to swallow….you just wanted to relieve yourself…you never intended to go there in the first place. It just happened somehow.

You got yourself trapped in the snare that was carefully laid out. And now you are struggling to cope with the consequences. It’s hard, it’s tough; sometimes you felt like giving in. ‘What’s the use? Maybe I should just end my life in this way’; ‘I can’t hold on anymore’, ‘I don’t like what it’s made out of me and I really want to get over this’, ‘Can somebody help me please?’

If this is true of you dear friend, let me share some advise to help you. The world with all its alluring calls will beckon you….but I encourage you take to heart today’s verse for meditation. Write it down on a slip and keep it in your purse as a reminder. Make up your mind not to go on that road which leads you to that place again. Avoid it. Take another route even if you have to go all the way round. If you have no choice but to travel on that road, keep going, don’t stop. Take a detour and save yourself from further trouble. Taking detours help in someway.


“Dear Jesus, I thank you for the help you offer me. I surrender myself to you. Help me live clean and correctly. Amen.


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