Love Each Other

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. John 15:12

We all need love, without it we cannot do anything. It is this one attribute that runs the whole show. Who can deny or refuse love? More than anything else, we want to be loved, to be approved and appreciated, to be accepted and to be cared for. Knowing its importance, Jesus asks His disciples to love others the way He did. We know that He loves us to the extent that He gave Himself up for us, He gave His life so that you and me might have abundant life. He is love. Therefore, if Christ dwells in us, if we give Jesus Christ a place in our hearts, love dwells in us.

God wants us to be rooted and established in love, loving God, loving others and loving ourselves. He says if we cannot love the person whom we see, how can we love God whom we have not seen at all. We need to love our fellow human being. Love your neighbor as yourself, this was a commandment of God, by obeying this we can experience God’s abundant love in our lives. We can never figure out how a loving word can cause hearts to swell with warmth and gratefulness.

God wants to fill us with His love, right up to the rim in all fullness and help us be the same loving towards others. Love builds up relationships, Love causes people to build others up. Love doesn’t feel the need to push its own importance because it believes in bringing people together and doing good work which goes beyond narrow and selfish confines.

We have a choice each day to build or to break others. We can choose to lay down the path that we want to walk on. Whatever we choose, years later people will remember how we made them feel… whether we made them feel good, bad, ugly or sad inside.


“Dear Jesus, thank You for Your love. Help me to live with Your love that builds others. Teach me to see others the way you see them, Lord, Amen.”


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