God is a Father to the fatherless

In the Bible we see that God is also called as our Heavenly Father. God is a Father to all who believe in Him and all who have given their lives to Him. But in the Bible we see God being a father to the fatherless is a special sense. He fills the gap that has been caused by the death of one’s father by not only caring for the children but assuring them of His love for them. Children who do not have an earthly father can look up to God for that love and comfort which only He can give. He is also a God who is our provider. He will take care of every need of the fatherless children and even protect them from all evil and harm.

Today when a father dies the family goes into deep depression and is full of worry and anxiety. This is because they do not know what the future is going to be like. They do not have someone to depend on or plan for the children’s future. Friends and neighbours also give a false comfort which even makes the mother and children more afraid about what will happen to them without a father in the house. This is when the children are called to depend on God and make Him their father. The Bible says that God is the God of the fatherless. He has a special concern and care for the children who are fatherless and God Himself sees to their well being.

Children who do not have a father grow up missing the love of the father and sometimes the mother is unable to fulfill both the roles of the father and mother. It is at times like this that true children of God receive and enjoy the love that comes from their heavenly Father. These children need to be taught to pray to God and ask Him whatever they need just like they would ask their earthly father. God does not look for eloquent prayers or doctrinally right prayers. He only looks for child like prayers and wants all of us to pray like a child would speak to his father. In fact, the Bible tells us that unless a person is converted and becomes like a child he cannot enter the kingdom of God.

God is a sovereign God and He knows exactly what the children who are fatherless go through. If these children miss their father and his concern, care and love in their lives sometimes they grow up as rebels in the home. This will not happen in the homes of those who are children of God. God Himself who understands their feelings comes along side them and comforts them and keeps them from every evil. This special protection from God the Father for these fatherless children helps them to grow in the right way in obedience to God and His Word. Fatherless children who understand God’s love in their lives give their hearts to the Lord at an early age and seek to obey God and please Him alone. This keeps the devil away from these children because they know God as the God of the fatherless.


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