He Will Lift You Up

Priya worked in a popular BPO. She always felt that she wasn’t that good a Christian as her other family members or the church friends she had. All of them spoke about how their quite times were going so well, how they had an encounter with God’s presence, how they witnessed to some stranger, the Christian books they read etc. She could only do short prayers and read a portion of the scriptures every day. She wasn’t even involved in any ministries in church. Academically also she wasn’t great as a student. Everywhere she went she was amongst the last few, the ones who didn’t have something concrete to show the world.

But one thing that set her apart from the others was that she was always kind, forgiving and merciful. Everything she did, she did out of love just as she had experienced from Jesus. Even in her office, where it was a competitive dog-eat-dog world, she stood for the principles that Jesus taught even when people all around looked down on such values. As her colleagues conspired for their every move, she was faithful and sincere in her work. People who joined after her were getting the promotions she deserved. But she never let that affect her work or the joy she radiated. If anyone was in her place, they would argue with God about the unfair treatment meted out. But she trusted God with her life and so she carried on.

Despite everything working against her, Priya had God’s favor. Therefore she received rare opportunities in her work place, things that not everyone gets. Like a well funded trip to the company offices which were situation in the most beautiful places, training in privileged processes, financial blessing etc. The greatest thing she received was however, respect, admiration and love of her colleagues. They looked up to her for advice and they knew she was different because of the God she served. Her life stands to testify the proof of the verse “ Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time: – I Peter 5:6”

Humbling ourselves before God implies that we accept with joy the challenges He sets before us, putting his principles into practice, no matter what it costs us. It means that that you acknowledge that God knows better than you do. An excellent God inspires and excellent worship, whether it be at work, in your personal life or even when you are doing nothing. It shows that we acknowledge that the control is in God’s hand and requires our total surrender.

God’s faithfulness will ensure that we get the fruit of our hard work and His grace will provide for what we need desperately but are incapable of gaining on our own. He, who created time, knows when it is best for you to reach greater heights. When human beings reach great heights on their own, there is always a fear that they will mess up and fall back. But when He lifts you high, it most probably is your stepping stone to reach higher grounds.

Therefore humble yourself under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.

(Note: The name in the real life story has been changed to protect identity)


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