Heavenly Father

For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. Math 6:32

Father, what do you mean by father? A father is one with whom you feel secure and relaxed isn’t it! He works hard to provide the needs of the family. He is the bread winner of the family. He protects the family, too many things right, the list goes on and on…. The other side of him is he also disciplines, he is strict.

Even before we ask them, fathers bring everything that we would need, they try their best to supply all our desires. So many times we have heard our dads say, ‘why worry when I am here’ especially to little kids. Yes even the Bible tells us the same thing, it builds up a confidence within us. It tells us that the God who created the entire universe is very much concerned about each and every one of us.

We should not worry but just trust in the Lord and He will fulfill all our desires in His own time and will. It says that those who do not know the Lord run after the worldly affairs, but only if we depend on Him, He will surely fulfill all our needs. He is Almighty, He is capable, He can do everything and anything.

When our earthly fathers, know how to give good gifts to their children, how much more will our Heavenly Father give. He loves us so much that He did not spare His own Son to die on the cross for you and for me. When He made such a big sacrifice, offering His only Son, why will He not give us other things? Someone has said, ‘When God has given us the most precious jewel, will He not give something to contain it?’

Yes dear friends, God is an ever loving and generous Father, He will never withhold any good thing from those who trust in Him. He wants us to trust in Him completely, a trust that does not waver. We are told that ‘those who trust in Him will never be put to shame’. So why not trust Him with every need of ours and hold on to Him in every situation.

Dear Lord Jesus, help me trust in You completely, and not to worry about anything. Help me also know that You are in control of my life, no matter what You can take care of every situation. Thank You Lord for everything, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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