Build Yourself In Holy Faith

Archaeology is particularly good for finding out about the practices of the past and about the lifestyles of ordinary people. Archaeologists look at the physical evidence that has survived like the buildings that people lived and worked in and the things that they used amongst other things to draw their conclusions. The remains stand witness to what once was.

Our lives are similar in that way. Imagine somebody in the future trying to study your life now. What are you leaving for them to find out? Will anything of worth from your life survive to teach the coming generation about life, faith and God?

We all are part of the history we make. Like it or not, if we stand tall, weather the storms and survive the test of time and circumstances, someone will benefit, even if it is centuries later. The proof is in The Bible too. The lives , laments and praise by men in many previous milleniums are as real to us now as it could have been then.

We find clues to how to have this kindof influence by examining the reasons on how a building survives through centuries. What makes it remain? It boils down to three things: A good foundation, Good quality material and Proper Maintenance.

A good foundation: No building that stands on weak foundation will survive the storms or rains. Even in the parable of the foolish builder Jesus uses this very fact to warn us about its importance. If we need to stand tall in the midst of crisis, we need to be rooted on the ground that will not shake when everything else does. As Jesus says in Mat 7: 24 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” The solid foundation of any life is the application of God’s word and His leading.

Good material: If one builds a house on a good foundation but uses low quality material, the building will collapse or will be in ruins even before a storm or rain comes. Even in our lives we cannot accommodate things that are potential dangers to our lives , our purposes. For our lives to survive tests we need qualities that will hold us up not pull us down. These include prayer, God’s word, faith, love etc.

Proper Maintenance: When a flood damages a house. Would you live in it without mending all the damage and assume to be ready for the next flood? You would not. But somehow we do that with our lives. Once we face a tough trail we think we can survive anything else without the need for replenishing our strength, faith etc. But after every battle we fight, we need to consider the faith or will that has been affected and get them refreshed in prayer and through God’s word. In the book of Jude this very fact is emphasized upon “But you, dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit.” (Jude 20)

You never will know whom God will guide with you as His lighthouse. So make every effort to stand tall, on the right foundation, with the right values and through the refreshing yourself regularly in the presence of God.


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