God’s hands

“Oh, that your hand would be with me!” ~ 1 Chronicles 4:10

It was astounding to read of the loss of 170 billion in shares when the stock market plummeted, shocking the investors. Their world had shattered. Such a huge loss in a single day. Man goes about trying to secure his future, only to find that uncertainty can knock on his doors anytime sweeping away everything, even things he held dear and all his hopes and dreams. The uncertainty of time and life rocks our world unexpectedly, leaving us floundering in the maze.

Jabez lived in uncertain times like ours. He had seen how his country had defeated their enemies and acquired the land which was now being divided by throwing lots. He directs this prayer toward God saying,’ Oh, that You would bless be indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil’. Jabez understood that without God he could not make it through. He acknowledged God’s sovereignty over his plans, acquisitions and future blessings. Jabez understood that all things may go away, but only that lasts which the hand of God sustains. He knew that in all uncertainty, the hand of God would never fail him. And that is what Jabez sought above all the blessings.

We can go about planning our lives and trying various ways to secure our future, relying on our own capacity to shape the outcome of out tomorrows. No matter how great or small our endeavor, we cannot produce results. We can only work towards them, leaving the outcome to God. God’s hand sustains us. The best way to secure our future is to clasp the hand of God.

“Dear Jesus, I submit to Your Lordship in my life. I believe it is You who sustains me. May Your hand be upon me. Amen.”


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