Upto the clouds

“…your faithfulness reaches to the clouds” ~ Psalm 36:5

It is a new moment in history. 2007 has rolled by and a New Year has begun. Does that excite you or does it send a chill down your spine? You gulp, you swallow and muse, ‘I wonder how this year’s going to be…’ Sitting back and reminiscing about the year that passed by, as the events of last year cascade before your minds eye, your heart is already dreaming and wishing how the New Year 2008 should be.

Dear friend, you are not alone in facing this turn in the page of history. All of us have to go through it whether we like it or not. And we each will turn to that ‘something’ to get the strength to face the coming year- the horoscope, the amulet, the lucky charm… But what is that one source that we can rely on that has proved to be dependable not just for months and years but decades and centuries?

The Bible speaks of God’s faithfulness. God remains faithful, even if we are unfaithful. Now how can we be sure of that? I am reminded of the itinerant apologist, Ravi Zacharias who speaks of God telling the sun everyday, ‘Do it again’…..’Do it again’….’Do it again’. Each day, God tells the sun to shine; an evidence of His faithfulness. God did that for three hundred and sixty five days each year. And He’ll do it again. The sun shining its light is just a miniscule evidence of God’s faithfulness. To know the magnanimity of it, we must journey through the New Year alongside Him, depending on Him. Then having walked with God, treading the steps of faith, we become certain that ‘there’s no one like God’.

“Dear Jesus, I thank you for your faithfulness. I commit this New Year to you. Help me walk with you and trust you. Amen.”


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