Breaking through

“…. for he commanded, and they were created” ~ Psalm 148:5

The spoken word of God has tremendous power. The Bible records the creation story as, ‘for he commanded, and they were created’. Isn’t it amazing that the numerous galaxies of stars, the sun, the moon, the planets, plant and animal life were all created by His word. God did not just speak creation into being. His spoken word even changed people’s life – the leper was cleansed, the dead were raised to life, the five loaves of bread and two fish were multiplied to feed a multitude, his words of forgiveness made the adulterous woman to want to sin no more and Zacchaeus was inspired to give half of his goods to the poor.

God alone has the power to alter the circumstances and situations of life. And not only alter them, but even transform them from bad to good, from good to better. God created light out of darkness. Let’s take this to heart, it does not depend in our own strength, expertise or intelligence to make it through in life well and happy. We are solely dependent on God. We are created that way. Any efforts to rely on self will only send us spiraling downwards. In desperation and fear we attempt things within our capacity, trying to change the course of life, only to realize that they all amount to nothing. But what moves the heart of God is attempting something outside of us, something beyond our strength or what seems natural to us. Then there’s room for the God factor to come in.

Trust and faith in God exhibit complete dependence on him. To have faith in God is to believe that God is there. To trust God is to believe that He’ll continue to be there, no matter what. Have faith dear friend. Cling to God alone in trust. He will help you have your breakthrough.


“Dear Jesus, I believe You alone can transform my life. Help me have complete faith and trust in You alone. Amen.”


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