Afflicted but Silent

“He was oppressed and He was afflicted, yet He opened not His mouth.” Isaiah 53:7

We keep hearing ‘Down with oppression!!!’ ‘Down with this’ and ‘Down with that’… This is the age and day of the ‘rights’ of people. If someone doesn’t know how to speak for themselves there are others who will fight and advocate for their rights and what they ‘should’ get as their due.

In contrast we see Jesus, the King of kings, the Son of God who did no wrong… standing before Pontius Pilate and all the Jews, condemned like a criminal but speaking not one word in His defense. He could have started with all the prophecies and brought out the truth, He could have caused a storm to come and disrupt the happenings … He didn’t use any of His powers to save Himself.

There are times when saying the truth will not save us. There are times when others have made up their mind about you and you cannot change it, though you know it is far from true. We are forced to live with two realities – one of what things appear like and the other the way things truly are. Jesus had to go through the same experience but He didn’t let it trouble Him because He knew everything that was happening was known to His Father and that it was according to His plan.

God knows the troubles we face, the aches and pains we have to live with. Know that nothing happens without His knowledge and permission. If He has willed for us to suffer, He alone is our refuge, comfort and He is the solution too.


“Dear Jesus, help me to look to You when I have to endure suffering. Thank You for being with me always, Amen.”


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