The way that is pure

‘How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word.’ ~ Psalm 119:9

Trends in society keep changing. Forty years ago, people looked down on anyone who had a relationship with someone without being married. It was taboo for girls to even talk to the boys. Clothes too were designed keeping in mind the values of that time.

Time changed and the values changed too. Suddenly, relationships are freed from all restraint. Young boys and girls have pressure from the peers to have a boyfriend or girlfriend at a very tender age. Parents are shocked but they can do nothing.

Society may change, people may change their views about something, trends may change, fashions may come and go but we have a God who never changes. His Word is the one means for those who seek to honor and revere Him to learn how to please Him. He teaches us how to live a life that is honest, pure and holy through His Word.

Life is temporary and our bodies have an expiry date. However, our soul can live forever. Our life here on earth will determine whether our soul will live forever or not. Would it be wise for us to waste our life and our soul over something that is frivolous and temporary?

Let’s seek the Lord’s guidance for all matters – even what friends we should have, the fashion trends we should follow and what food we should eat. He is the source of all wisdom, He knows what is best way for us.


Dear Jesus, Help me not to get caught into the ungodly trends of society. Teach me to live a life that is pleasing to you, Amen.


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