Choose the Lord over Princes

“It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.” ~ Psalm 118:9

We live in a world of mergers and take-over. Employees who worked in multinational companies and felt comfortable about their future suddenly find one day that their bosses have changed.

A loyal employee found that his boss had given the post of authority over him to an outsider. Suddenly he has to choose to serve a new boss or say ‘goodbye’ to the world he has grown to feel secure in. The choice is heart wrenching.

In the past when kings lost their kingdoms, their servants and people had to suffer untold misery. They learnt soon enough that their king could not save them. They doubted whether he even cared for them. Such is the experience of those who put their trust in princes.

God can in now way be compared to the unstable, changeable and undependable princes, kings and rulers. He is unchanging and His love is beyond measure. Kingdoms and civilizations may perish, God’s kingdom is forever. Look to God, take refuge in Him and you will never be disappointed.


‘Dear Jesus, I lift up my eyes to Your throne. You are God above every authority on earth. In You do I put my trust, Amen’


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