Divinely Warned

“By faith Noah, being divinely warned of things not yet seen, moved with godly fear, prepared an ark for the saving of his household.” Hebrews 11:7

Noah prepared for things not yet seen… In his time there was no need for an ark. Anyone else in his place would have scoffed even at the thought of a flood and the destruction of the world. But Noah didn’t do that. God had not told Noah why he should build an ark and yet Noah did what God told him to do inspite of not knowing everything about it. He didn’t ask any questions, complain or rebel against God, he simply obeyed.

Preparing the ark according to God’s instructions was a laborious, costly, tedious, dangerous and seemingly foolish job to do. Noah lived at a time when nothing had changed for scores of years together and even imagining that there would be such a drastic change was unthinkable. Yet great was Noah’s faith that he held on to every word God said to Him and did as he was told.

God has spoken to men on many occasions. God spoke to Moses, He warned the prophets of what lay ahead in their time, He told Daniel about the dream only the king had seen, He revealed secrets of enemies to His prophet, He spoke to Mary and Zechariah telling them what was going to happen… God warned the wise men who came seeking the child who would be born King – to go by another way. He even warned Joseph to take Mary and baby Jesus out to Egypt because King Herod sought to kill him.

God still speaks His people. The only precondition is a believing heart and faith in Him. When we tune our ears to listen to His voice and get intimate with Him, He gives us the privilege of knowing things that are yet to come. If you would like to hear from the Lord, open your heart and receive His words with faith and obey His commands with humility.


“Dear Jesus, help me to know You intimately so that I can follow You every step of the way. May I never question Your voice but humbly submit as You guide me on, Amen.”


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