Exercising your freedom

“Be careful, however, that the exercise of your freedom does not become a stumbling block to the weak.” 1 Corinthians 8:9

There is a house where the parents teach their children good things and yet wonder why the children don’t seem to learn them. They keep reminding them to tell the truth and give respect to elders but to no avail. The reason for this was a mystery until a friend of theirs visited their home.

As they sat down to chat, the friend noticed how the parents were ill-treating their own elders in front of the children and acting without any scruples. They sent their son to the neighbors house with instructions to tell a lie and bring something they wanted. The friend was aghast when he saw that the people who had spoken about teaching the children good things were actually practicing just the opposite in their personal lives. It was no wonder then that their children did what they saw their parents doing.

We may complain a lot about the ill-deeds of those around us, we need to take a hard look at ourselves to see if we ourselves are practicing the same too. How could we speak one thing and live in another way? We are responsible to the others in our lives who may be looking up to us. Our example is the best way in which we can draw them to seek oneness with God. It is not enough to point fingers, we need to get off the wrong track and walk the right path for our own as well as others’ sakes too.

Let’s be true to what God wants us to be, it will give hope to others.


“Dear Jesus, help me to be what You really want me to be. Help me to be honest, true and sincere about practicing what You have taught through the Word, Amen.”


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