Why do we look for meaning and purpose in life?

C.S. Lewis wrote these words – “each of us has a God-shaped vacuum” and he explained it by saying – “If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.”

The desire for God is therefore something that is placed in the heart of man which makes him search for the truth. Man’s desire is to live a life with meaning and purpose here on the earth. He is aware that there is a God, a supreme being who alone can help him to live a life with meaning and purpose. In his pursuit of seeking God man in general has ended up worshipping the creature and created things instead of the Creator God. This has resulted in man never finding meaning or purpose in life, but always being frustrated and disappointed with what is happening in his life.

In the Bible we find Jesus explains or introduces us to the Creator God who alone can satisfy every longing of ours. So a true Christian allows God to fill this vacuum in his life and thus is guided, directed and blessed by God Himself in all that he does. The Creator God is a sovereign God who is in control of each of our lives. When we allow the Lord God to take control of our lives, He fills us with His spirit and guides us in all the decisions we take in life. When this takes place we find that there is meaning and purpose to life which we were looking for. So we can say that when man is trying to find meaning and purpose in life, he is actually seeking God to come into his life and bless him.

This thirst or longing for God is there in all human beings. But it is those Christians who follow the teachings of Christ who find true meaning to life because they know who their Creator God is. Many other people are also in the pursuit of finding meaning and purpose in life but they believe that they have to do many things in order to find meaning to life. Due to this belief they are in a greater bondage and under a burden to please their god with all types of sacrifices. This makes them have a continuous longing for God which is never satisfied and therefore they live lives without a meaning or purpose.

If one wants to acquire true meaning and purpose in life one has to make the Lord Jesus the Lord of his life and follow the teaching of the Bible and allow the Holy Spirit to guide them in their decision making. Jesus is the only way for this God shaped vacuum to be filled in a human being’s life and only then can he truly enjoy a life filled with meaning and purpose.


One thought on “Why do we look for meaning and purpose in life?

  1. I absolutley have no respect for a view that insists only one religon is correct. I have no respect for a religon that worships the object their saviour died on and says god is seperate from you. However, I believe jesus existed, but science/philosophy/adv. laungauge wasnt around then for his state of conciouness to properly be communicated. How can you argue there is only one god, and say, an islamic follower would argue there is only one god, when you are both standing on the same planet? ALL RELIGON must be reconsidered. We are bashing a square shaped object into a circular hole. Look at the world, its not working. FIND THE COMMONALITY.

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