But… they doubted

‘When they saw him, they worshipped him; but some doubted.’ ~ Matthew 28:17

Jesus had risen. He broke bread with His disciples and showed them that the prophecies had all been fulfilled in His death and resurrection. He walked with them, met with them in person, showed them His wounds… did everything so they knew it was Him.

Many accepted Him and worshipped Him, knowing that this truly was the Messiah they were waiting for. They counted it a privilege to be with Him. Yet there were some who doubted.

Everything happened before their very eyes but their minds could not perceive the wonderful things that were happening before them. They had seen the Messiah and yet they didn’t accept Him for what He truly was. How unfortunate for them!

Aren’t we too like that sometimes? There have been countless times when God stepped into our lives giving us what we want, doing miracles, moving mountains for us. Yet when we are struck with some calamity we fear, we fret and fume about things being so bad for us. God stands right before us with His Word, His promise as a surety that He can get us through no matter what comes our way. Yet we doubt Him.

Look into the past and you will see His faithfulness, look beyond into the future and you will find He is true to His promise. You just have to hold on and wait, that’s all.


Dear Jesus, I am sorry, I got carried away with my doubts and fears. Help me Lord to keep my eyes on You as I wait for Your will to be done, Amen.


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