Better to Trust in God


It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.” ~ Psalm 118:8


Man may boast of many accomplishments. We may think that man has got to be so advanced that he doesn’t need God anymore. We depend on our jobs to sustain us and provide for our financial and other needs. When it comes to our problems too we look for a friend or someone from our family to give us an ear or good advice. Is it really true that we can live without God?


There are people who lost everything they had and found there was no one to turn to. Not anyone to give them work, no one to lend them an ear or even speak comforting words to them.


In the worst situations in life, when we are confronted with a stonewall of silence, it is not man but God who we turn to. Jesus Christ our Saviour, who paid the ultimate price for our sake was very human just like us. He knows our struggles and our pain.


Jesus is ever willing to listen to our cries and comfort us. He is always there to lead us to the solutions of every problem we face.



‘Dear Jesus, I’m sorry I looked to others before I turned to You. Thank you for your immense love and Your sacrifice for me on the cross. Help me to walk closely with You always, Amen’


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