Good News to the Poor


“the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.” Isaiah 61:1


Rags-to-riches stories are a great source of hope for those who are in financial crisis and suffering to make both ends meet. If someone had to say, ‘Here is a million Rupees, go do with it as you wish’, what will your reaction be? Someone may buy a car, others would invest in land, take off for a trip to Europe or change their whole wardrobe, go to parties and splash it everywhere.


Many people who saw and did such things regretted those very actions after some time. They learnt the hard way that money has a way of evaporating in no time. Before long, the millions were gone and they were left in dire straits, searching for quick fixes to save their dying reputation. The trappings of being rich made them very poor.


Who is really rich? A person who has ten million dollars and needs thirty to be happy or a person who has just some thousands but can be happy with less? Welcome to the Kingdom of God where the monetarily poor are very, very rich. Infact they are princes and princesses of God’s Kingdom. When they ask their Father for something, He just says His Word and it is given to them.


The poor of this world may be looked down upon, thrown into all kinds of situations but when they have God in their lives, the very same situation changes completely. He becomes their Provider, Protector and covers for their every need. He is their shade and shelter from all harm. No one can cross them and get away with it, when God is on their side.


The poor are no longer poor when the God of abundance is their Father.



“Dear Jesus, thank You for Your provision and protection. It is so wonderful that I can come to You with all my needs. Help me to learn more about You and live according to Your Word, Amen.”



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