Waiting for God’s Move


“The Lord is good unto them that wait for him” ~ Lamentations 3:25


Instant coffee! Instant noodles! Just 2 minutes….and it’s ready at the press of a button. Today’s world is all about the instant things that seem to make life so convenient. Somehow we have come to develop an ‘instant’ outlook to life itself. It’s so hard for us to wait, to tarry. If things get a bit delayed we get so jittery and irritated….we just can’t wait.


We think the same way about some issues of life. We want it all done and finished. We want to get on with the plans we have made for our lives. And when things don’t happen the way we’ve planned, when delays, interruptions and setbacks intercept ….we just can’t take it. We take matters in our hands. Instead of asking for God’s advice and giving room for God to work things out, we think we know better and so handle things our way. And doing so can land us into trouble or we can suffer a heavy loss either of material resources, a break in relationships or loss of certain blessings.


Just as there are times to act there are also times for us to refrain from acting upon situations and things in our lives. We must understand that we come to certain points in life where we on our own cannot work things out; we come to end of our hoarded resources and that’s when we have to give room and time for God to make His move; to give us that breakthrough, the fulfillment of a dream, the gratification of a wish.


At times we are called to be the onlooker while God orchestrates the events and course of our life. The Bible teaches us to hope and quietly wait for God to do things. So let’s allow God to take charge. He knows what’s best for us.



“Dear Jesus, I believe You always do good to those who trust You. Forgive me for taking matters into my own hands. I surrender them all to You. Do as You please. Amen.” 



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