Newness of Life

“…. Jesus said to Simon Peter, ‘Simon, son of Jonas, do you love me more than these?’” ~ John 21:15
The conversation between Jesus and Peter after breakfast beside the Sea of Galilee is an amazing one. Peter is meeting Jesus for the first time after his denial. And Jesus goes straight to the heart of the matter asking ‘Simon, son of Jonas, do you love me more than these?’After having denied Jesus before He was crucified and buried, he probably thought it’s all over.
He would not have thought that what Jesus had said of him being the rock and Jesus building the church on him would ever happen. He couldn’t have imagined that he would become the fisher of men, more so after disowning Jesus. So there he was struggling at the nets trying to put his life together again, the way he knew best. He got back to the very kind of life Jesus had called him out of. But his denial brought shame and guilt, causing him to retreat back to what was familiar rather than leading him to step out in faith and pursue God’s call upon his life. But Jesus lovingly encourages him, telling him of how he would become a blessing and would glorify God; that his denial is not final; that his life meant more than that to God. God had a bigger purpose for Peter.
Friend, Jesus delivers us from things that are not meant to stay or be a part of our lives. He calls us to step out in faith and follow him so that God’s good, pleasing and perfect will is fulfilled. Let’s not get back to our old way of life, even though it may seem comfortable and familiar. Let’s believe in what God has in store for us and pursue it wholeheartedly. Then we would truly become a blessing and glorify God.
“Dear Jesus, I thank you, for in You there is newness of life. Renew me, help me to live for You and love You more than anything. Amen.

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